Ceolina Balan


At 29 Years old Ceolina is an experienced and highly skilled ex-adventure, now Mayor of Sandpoint since the Attacks on Sandpoint in 4707.
She has invested much of the large amount of wealth she accumulated into Sandpoint, and its defense.


Ceolina Balan was the daughter of Hester and Eugenu Balan. She lost her mother when her little sister Maria was born, and then lost her sister and father and sister to the Late Unpleastness. (the Murder by Chopper in 4702).
At the age of 12 years old she was taken in the Sheriff Hemlock who adopted her as his daughter.

In 4707 she came to the rescue of others in the goblin attack which happened at the swallowtail festival which meant to be extra special that year to commerate the opening of the Sandpoint cathedral.

After that Ceolina went hunting trouble in town and then beyond the walls, working out what was stirring under sandpoint, why the goblins attacked and finding a hugely powerful artifact to defend Magnimar.

Her companions and her have since settled down, and though she travels away to Magnimar and to see her companions Lady Blaze (of Turtleback and Fort Rannick) and Percival (Guardian of Windsong Abbey)

Ceolina Balan

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