Koya Mvashti


Died in 4707, but was resurrected.


Until she passed away in 4707 in the battle of Sandpoint, Madame Niska Mvashti was the oldest person in Sandpoint. No one quite knows exactly how old the Varisian seer actually was when she died (she was already old when Sandpoint was founded over 40 years ago)—but the fact that her only daughter Koya is herself an old woman is a telling fact. Koya has spent a fair amount of her life traveling Varisia with a number of caravans, serving as a healer when she was younger and more recently as a fortune-teller. For the past several years, she’s in the company of her adopted son Sandru Vhiski as they travel on a regular caravan route between Riddleport, Magnimar, and Korvosa two or three times a year. Their caravan spends most of its time relatively close to Sandpoint, though, and that has suited Koya fine, since it gave her more time to care for her aged mother. When old Niska has finally died, though, Koya’s mourning transitioned into a sort of morose melancholy. A life-long worshiper of Desna, she’s come to realize that while she’s traveled extensively throughout the Varisian lowlands, she’s never been beyond the region’s borders. Tales of other Desnan explorers have long delighted Koya’s sense of wonder—even her own mother reputedly took part in several extensive caravans that traveled as far as the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and even down to Qadira. Koya’s having something of a late-life crisis as a result (and also perhaps having dies when her mother did, and been given a second chance)—a growing sense of disappointment that she’s never made a long caravan trek. With her mother dead, Koya has little reason to stay in Varisia, and she’s been pressuring Sandru to take a long journey soon: “The sooner the better, ’cause I won’t be around for long!” Koya’s in remarkably good shape, physically, for a woman well over 60 years in age—obviously, longevity runs in her family—but with each year that passes, the chance of her getting to experience a truly epic journey like the ones in her favorite stories grows narrower.


Koya has wanted to travel to the far corners of Golarion since she was a child and first saw a map of the world in an old history book she came across while sneaking through her mother’s impressive collection of notes, trophies, and keepsakes from her extensive travels. Although Koya has since come to learn that the old map was rather inaccurate, she’s never lost the sense of wonder she gained from the simple notion that the world she’d thought she’d known was so much larger than she’d ever imagined. Likewise, a childhood trip to Korvosa impressed upon her how different the world can be as you travel from plains to forests to swamps to mountains to large urban centers. The idea that one could make journeys 10 or even 100 times as long as the caravan route running from Sandpoint to Korvosa has long been a point of fascination and wonder for Koya. But Koya never went on that long journey. She always assumed there would be the chance for an adventure in the near future, but the present always seemed to have a knack for getting in the way. Responsibilities to her family caravan, her several tempestuous love affairs as a young woman, the task of caring for unfortunate children who had no mother of their own (most notably Sandru Vhiski, and perhaps one of the PCs if the character selected the correct Campaign Trait from the Jade Regent Player’s Guide), and most recently caring for her elderly, but not quite completely infirm, mother all worked to keep her at home. Just as one phase of her life seemed ready to close, the next began, and before she knew it, the unwelcome kiss of old age had crept into her aching bones and wrinkled face. With her mother dead, Koya is eager to seize what she thinks might be her last chance for that great, world-spanning journey. Lately she’s been traveling with her adopted son Sandru in his caravan, serving as a fortuneteller, and she hopes that her frequent attempts to convince him to make a long journey will bear fruit soon. Koya longs to travel beyond the borders of Varisia, whether south to Cheliax and beyond or north to the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and the Crown of the World. Koya would love to visit another continent as well, if the opportunity presented itself, so she could leave her own “found-mark” in distant lands.

Koya Mvashti

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