Nisk Tander

Alchemist and Owner of Bottled Solutions


Dark haired Half Elf who can be found in his own shop, The interior of Bottled Solutions resembles a cluttered workshop. Alchemical ingredients and tools of the trade, some of questionable age, can be found upon the shop’s shelves, and the air is usually tinged with the smell of Tander’s most recent creation.


This half-elf is the owner of Bottled Solutions, and the manufacturer of most of the shop’s merchandise. He’s known to boast of greater alchemical skills than he actually possesses.

Many of the merchandise available at the location was created in-house by Tander himself, a fact that prompts wise consumers to handle and utilize such goods with caution. As a frequent customer one may come to recognize the difference between his boasts and his genuine talent.

Nisk Tander

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