Character creation guidelines

You will need to read through the Jade Regent Player’s Guide before creating your character. You can also download the Free Jade Regent Player’s Guide PDF from Paizo

We will be utilising the Paizo-published Pathfinder rulebooks (many of which are available in the dropbox, and the abilities from them are on HeroLab, or alternatively available here).

The below lists the basic creation guidelines and the optional rules in play. Please note that whilst some rules such as the downtime system add some extra admin, the in-game inclusions are generally because either they simplify the existing rules (e.g. crafting), they reduce admin (e.g. automatic bonus progression reduces loot admin), or they make the affected aspect less bland (e.g. disease/poison alternate rules). In most cases, you do not need to know the ins-and-outs of these rules unless you are planning to make active use of them, the rest will be covered as and when they arise in-game.

As with everything, if something is abused, we’re likely to remove it.

Basic Rules Stuff

  • XP Progression: Medium
  • Point Buy: 15 points
  • Starting Gold: Average for class
  • Starting HP: Max
  • Starting Traits: 2 (see below)
  • Tech Level: Emerging Guns
  • Alignment: Any non-chaotic evil.

Traits: You gain 2 free Traits. Traits are like 1/2 feats that help define your character’s background. At least one must be from the campaign traits presented in the Player’s Guide. The second may be taken from either the Player’s Guide (giving you links to two of the key NPCs), or from other supplements. (If you use the History Tab it suggest what may fit for your life story, but this is not compulsory – see bonus section)

Favored Class – please feel free to use alternatives from Pathfinder (Paizo) Books

Races – Standard PC races and Featured races should be fine as they are balanced to a certain level.
Uncommon races by approval as some are not balanced against the standard PC races.
Bear in mind that non-standard races may have obvious disadvantages from their nature.
The Race Builder from the Advanced Race Guide is not in use, no custom races are allowed.

Protip: The amount of travel in this game is very, very large. Mounted is not a liability. Region specific anything is.

Bonus: If you think about your character – use the History tab on Herolab or let me know about your characters history then have a bonus upbringing feat based on the background and where you are from in Varisia. (Tick option at bottom using CTRL & K) – options could be: Big Game Hunter, City Born (city), Country Born, Lone Wolf, Totem Spirit (if Shoanti).

Character creation guidelines

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