Risas Place

Risa’s Place is a small tavern that is primarily a local’s tavern, found along Undercliff Way in Sandpoint.

Opened by Risa Magravi in 4665 AR, the same year as Sandpoint’s founding; the first year she served ale and beer from her back porch. Eventually, the building grew around the open-air seating area. The family lives in the space under the attic. In 4678 AR a wooden floor was added along with a larger taproom.

Over the years Risa became better known as a good cook and fine brewer than the Varisian sorceress reputed to be a seer and master harrower.

In 4694 AR Risa Magravi, with failing eyesight, left the running of the tavern to her children; Besk, Lenalee, and Vodger. Risa still frequented the tavern, and tells tales of myths and legends, and reads the harrowing deck even though she’s now completely blind. Vodger carried his mother to bed some nights, while others he allows her to bed down amidst blankets and furs before the hearth.

In 4710 Risa passed away and was mourned by the whole town, her children have kept the Tavern in her name.

Her daughter, Lenalee, has mastered her mother’s recipes, and even managed to add a few dishes of her own to the daily recipes. Vodger sees to the brewing. His ales are stronger and darker than his mothers, but just as well liked. Besk works the front room, but does not take kindly to being called a wench.

A few locals like to tweek newcommers. Once they buy a round for all present, they are treated like locals. If they pay, they are celebrated. If they don’t—the tavern folk have a good laugh and often Vodger forces the person who told the tale to buy at least the newcommer a drink.

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Risas Place

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