White Deer Inn

The White Deer is an inn and tavern, and the northernmost building in the town of Sandpoint. Rebuilt after a building at the same location burned as part of the late unpleasantness, in 4702 AR, this business is owned and primarily maintained by one Garridan Viskalai and his family.


The White Deer is a three story building, it’s lowest level built of stone while its upper floors are composed of fine wood. Its rooms are spacious and clean, and its front entrance is flanked on either side by twin deer statues of white birch.


Priced low in order to compete with The Rusty Dragon, owner Garridan Viskalai provides large and well maintained lodgings to customers. The quality of The White Deer’s food matches that of its accommodations, and the peppercorn venison is considered a house specialty.

Notable Individuals

Garridan Viskalai This somber Shoanti man is the proprietor of The White Deer and brother of Belor Hemlock, the sheriff of Sandpoint.

White Deer Inn

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